About Me

Emma - Owner

As a result of what we do, people are more creative, inspired and connected to nature, making them more relaxed and engaged in their everyday life.

As hand spinners, knitters and crocheters ourselves, we will never sell something that doesn't make us happy. We want you to come up and feel our balls - grab the wool - feel the luxury that is offered in every one of our products, from our dyes and needles, through our rovings and yarns.

My Story

I started handspinning at the age of 19, introduced to a very rough Ashford Traditional wheel by my hippie friend, Jamie. Through Jamie, and a few friends from around Ontario, I was able to secure a gorgeous Ashford Traditional wheel that is still used and love to this day.

Two degrees, and seven years later, and seven moves later, it was clear that my fibre stash was getting out of hand. I had more tupperwear totes of fibre than I did clothes, and my wonderful partner, Mike, was getting tired of moving them every time we moved.

I had started working as a substitute teacher - a job that I still have and enjoy - when my friend Lea sent me a listing for a Women in Business course offered through our local YWCA. I took the leap, and started the course.

Two weeks in, I was sold that this was the way to go. I get such joy out of the tactile nature of fibre. I squeal when an order comes in. I love the sales I can get through our wholesalers, and I love sharing that passion with others. This is what I want to do with my life.

So, one year from the start of that course, here we are. We are finding as many events as will take us. We've expanded our offerings through starting the Muskoka Yarn Box - Canada's First Yarn Subscription Box.

We are heading towards a Mill - that's the five year plan at least. We want to run a mill, with sheep, in Muskoka, as soon as possible. Every purchase you make, gets us a bit closer to that goal, so thank you.

Thank you for supporting Canadian, thank you for supporting local and thank you for supporting me!